You have power over your Ads

The platform is designed to put everything under your control.

Lighting Speed is Key

Launch your campaigns fast and scale them faster with user friendly platform. Your campaign should be up in minutes.

Performance Metrics

You have, at your disposal all the metrics to help you visualize the progress of your campaigns in real time. This takes place in realtime

Optimization and Control

You can adjust various parameters that greatly affect the performance of your campaigns. You control everything and in real time.

Its a global audience

There is a 1 million plus monthly, non-incentivized users from all over the world. Find the audience that is most likely to engage.

Tools For Campaigns

An intuitive and streamlined campaign builder guides you through the process of target selection, ad placement, scheduling and budgeting in a few simple steps. Our real-time traffic estimator helps you see how a campaign’s bid and targeting settings impact your ad’s reach. Control your ad spends with daily and total campaign budgets.

Tools for targeting

User activity targeting Geographical location Operating system Device & Connection types Mobile carrier Browser & Language Day partying Frequency capping

It's time to start the journey.